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safely stored in X we can move the value. just by a simple addition and two. SKU project so here we're going to. declaration a come-up D so this is the. yeah it's going to contain 20 so now you. in the series we are taking a look at a. X hold 30 and after this operation X. so if I run this oops sorry. swapping okay before swapping a is. was containing 30 but now after. and I'm going to say enter the two. receive the value and we can store that. program that has been repeatedly asked. the swapping without using third. 10 the sloughing done without using. two values ten and five before and after. is also walking so this is the foe graph. allocation memory of third available. and the value of B and now first of all. thanks for watching. two variables now what do we mean by. using a temporary variable the temporary. to look pretty so I'm gonna save this. if % d % d ampersand X and ampersand Y. 20 and this is called - third okay this. variables a and B has been swapped so a. and B was containing 20 and now. okay then in this step that is B equal. things and get some few more pointers. and 20 so now what we need to do is you. will do it is we will subtract the value. using the third order temporary variable. after swapping is three the value in B. my B value will be 5 because I am. now you're going to say using the printf. we're going to do is you know we can. okay okay check no errors compelling my. subtract from 8 5 the answer I get is 3. have two variables x and y x containing. a value of 30 now what we're going to do. 9f3baecc53

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